Welcome to my life of extreme circumstances and risky but fun adventures!🔥 My life feels like a contradiction at times but I’m happy to put myself into uncomfortable positions with a low chance of success because……life’s too short to live casually and I love the futile chase!

A brief history of time…(swipe right)
1. As a child my mum referred to me as ‘little **** but I guess he’s kinda cute’ I was stubborn and didn’t take to authority very well, still don’t. Life in general amazed me growing up so I tried my hand at as many things as I could.
2. In school I was a loud mouth, loved attention but most importantly my mates and the experience we shared together. (This stuck with me throughout life and was one of the driving forces to joining a band some 10 years later!) Then I went through my ‘nob’ faze thinking I was slicker than Danny Zuko, but don’t worry this guy got stopped pretty quickly by a train of acne and unlucky hairline genetics!