Regardless of the petty nonsense I will always love the boys and the people who made it possible!

I wish everyone all the best with where they plan on going next and I’m excited for all the boys 🔥 I’m so grateful for all of you beautiful people who have made the last 5 years happen for us, you have no idea how impactful you’ve been and I look forward to seeing you all again, releasing music and being creative 😌 We tried something VERY HARD and it didn’t quite pan out, that’s life and I appreciate every second of it and all the love you guys have given us! Thank you Andy, Brooklyn, Sonny, Harper, Mikey and Jack for all the memories, I’m sure we’ll all catch up one day and laugh at the silly things whilst cherishing the things we can’t forget ❤️ final day as a RoadTrip member! It feels strange…but life’s full of surprises 😌x