HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my awesome little bros @sammie.twin & @shaun.twin ❤️ I remember standing outside of school in Spain 12 years ago hearing the news of your arrival! Feels like yesterday, you are 2 beautiful human beings who will go on to do incredible things 😌

I have almost no regrets for the life I’ve lived regardless of any big mistakes I’ve made, apart from 1…. The past 5 years due to partially unnecessary circumstances I have missed you boys grow up and not been there at a crucial time in your lives where a big older brother should show you the ropes, take you on your first exciting adventures and teach you the lessons I’ve learnt myself. For that I am very sorry which is why I made a conscious decision from now on to be there as much as I can and explore the world with you 🙏🏻 I’m airing this publicly because it’s a heavy weight on my shoulders that I wish no one else to burden! Don’t let ephemeral decision making have long lasting effects on your friends, family or happiness, your circumstance may seem important right now, like it’s the only thing that matters! But what’s the point of life if your not sharing it with the ones you love? x
12-13 will be the best year yet my boys! I promise 🔥💪🏻 #ItWasABadHairDay